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Posted by on 12 月 7, 2013 in 板子 |

2013-14 十大好板-男生全山板(All mountain)







全山男生板   (All mountain )



[youtube UqRIVg6Fm_o 500 380]

Burton Process

Mark McMorris’s twin, camber ride is no stranger to big park jumps nor is it to supernatural backcountry lines. This is thanks to Scoop Tips—a longer, exaggerated tip and tail that lets you butter in the park or float in pow. All this combined with the Frostbite Edges—the sidecut extends slightly outward underneath the feet for better hold and turn initiation—holds up on hardpack, powder, and just about everything in between.


[youtube 09qI-_b44Yo 500 380]

Burton Trick Pony

Developed by Mark Sollors and Jussi Oksanen, this sleigh is made for aggressive riders looking to rally the entire mountain and loft and land in pow. The twin shape and flex in collaboration with its flat camber profile produce a consistent feel underfoot, and a tip-to-tail carbon backbone and additional carbon rods in the tips amp up ollies and edge hold. And when the snow falls, the elongated tips help with float.



[youtube 9bcR1wV-2J4 500 380]

Capita DOA

There’s a lot to this board besides a bunch of hot chicks holding automatic weapons in the desert. Take for instance the camber profile: it’s regular camber out past the inserts, from there it flattens out to a little bit of reverse before cracking into Capita’s Flat Kick nose and tail. You get the response and snap of regular camber and the easy ride of flat and reverse cambers. Whatever you do, make sure there are chicks watching.



[youtube MPC3BGvYjpY 500 380]

GNU Billy Goat

An aggressive all-mountain machine designed by freeride wizard Temple Cummins. This deck is sandwiched together with a camber dominant profile and a twin shape with a setback stance. Although the board has slight rocker between the feet for forgiveness, the control, pop and precision of the camber shines through. Plus there’s added edge grip and secretive dampening material to billy goat through any terrain.



[youtube 149DySHA-OQ 500 380]

GNU Carbon Credit

Normally, banana splits made with epoxy and fiberglass instead of chocolate and peanuts don’t taste very good. This one does, and it’s because it’s for snowboarding, not eating. It’s still a banana shape though, from tip to tail, and that gives you good float in pow and quick edge-to-edge response in all kinds of snow. The serrated Magne-Traction edge gives you some more edge hold on hardpack, and it’s made in the USA, so you can buy from your buds.



[youtube kxBUmPlH_eg 500 380]

K2 Happy Hour

There’s no time restriction on the potent concoction this deck serves up. The pre-curved carbon ollie bar between the feet comes loaded with pop, and the tips also feature a refined web of carbon fiber stringers that disperse chatter, help stick landings, and increase edge control. Re-tooled with a new shape that’s flat throughout most of the deck, yet lifted with camber at the ends, you get a mix of forgiveness with solid edge tracking and power.



[youtube n7lwLKR8hfo 500 380]

K2 RayGun

This two time Good Wood winner is no two-timer, folks, it’s a straightforward deck built for all-mountain rallying and out of the park freestyle. With the Hyper Progressive sidecut, you get a board that tracks straight when you point it, turns easily, and holds a proper edge. It’s slightly directional, flat between the bindings with a little rocker in the tail and some more in the nose—stability through crap snow but nice and playful.



[youtube g-7Q2Kf6l_g 500 380]

Nitro Rook

Holding down the Good Wood court year after year the Rook is a twin tip, mid-wide, freestyle machine. Pressed with a predictable flat camber it’s neither too aggressive nor too squirrelly. The two-way weave of fiberglass gives it a soft feel, but the added carbon fiber and beech wood stringers from tip to tail beef up ollie power. With a sculpted core profile that enhances underfoot strength and feel and minimizes weight, it’s made for movin’.



[youtube U-IDV91q4HA 500 380]

Rome Mod Rocker

An office favorite amongst the Rome crew and our testers, too. The Mod Rocker shadows the twin shape of the regular cambered Mod model, but has a flat profile that extends out past the inserts with generously rockered tips, and a variable sidecut to fit this more forgiving frame. With a premium blend of five lightweight, low-density woods and dual carbon barrels in the tip and tail this board is ready for liftoff and landing.



[youtube p7_bpafdjUY 500 380]

Signal Freedom Machine

Inspired by the Every Third Thursdays web series, the Yusaku Freedom Machine has a new-to-the-line core profile, where the board is beefed up underneath the bindings. This gives you added strength and response when you need it, but remains forgiving and playful when you want it to be. It’s regular camber all the way through, which gives you reliability in hairy situations, solid edge hold and turn initiation, and good pop off whatever your nose takes you to.


[youtube k6nHuuTFht0 500 380]

Slash Straight

As Gigi Rüf told us, “It likes to go straight!” And it does thanks to the directional shape, slightly stiffer tail and setback stance. Added carbon and Kevlar fibers in the tip and tail disperse chatter and add stability for landings and speed. The subtle edge bump between the bindings increases edge hold, too. Even with these elements playfulness is not lost thanks to the hybrid wood core and Reactive Flex fiberglass that offer ultimate forgiveness and pop.



[youtube i5lwT0PxJ3U 500 380]

Smokin Awesymmetrical

This board’s twin, asymmetrical shape rips all over the mountain. The exaggerated sidecut on the heel edge helps you initiate turns better, aiding the normally minimal amounts of pressure you put on your heels. You also have Clash Rocker: Reverse camber in between the feet and regular camber outside them. You get the quick edge-to-edge feel of the reverse camber plus the stability and predictability of camber.