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特技男生板   (Park )



Academy Propa Camba

Developed by brothers Chad and Ryan Tarbell, this park deck was designed for all elements of park riding. It has a true twin shape and straight up camber for control, predictability and pop. The wood core and fiberglass layup were melded to offer a soft torsional flex for board feel and jibbing, but still retain loads of pop from tip to tail for potent ollies. A perfect deck for keeping your park game proper.




Arbor Westmark

The medium- to soft-flex makes it easy to push around in the park and the twin shape keep those presses, ollies, and landings predictable. For higher speeds or when you just need added control, the bumped Grip Tech edges underfoot disperse more edge pressure when you lay into them and drive turns with your feet. With a 30 percent bio-film topsheet and 60 percent recycled edges this deck leaves its mark in the park, not on the planet.




Burton Custom Restricted

True twin shape and flex with a core profile that keeps the board powerful and playful at the same time. The Frostbite Edges extend out slightly underneath your feet for extra grip on hardpack and ice. This camber version of the new Custom Restricted is slightly narrower than the regular Custom, good if you’ve got smaller feet or want to move edge-to-edge a little quicker. Go from landing a 60-foot table to hitting a down bar—no problem.




Burton Name Dropper

Designed with traits of the Good Wood winning Parkitect model, this board features a fully asymmetrical build—from core to edges to flex—for better body balance and ergonomic alignment riding switch or regular. It also premieres Burton’s new Filet-o-Flex build that mills the core below the mounting zone and fills it with a light dampening material for a malleable, yet sturdy feel underfoot.




Capita Ultrafear

The once limited, highly coveted Ultrafear is now available to all, and all will enjoy this soft flexing, true twin, ultra scary shape. Flat camber between the inserts gives you some of the stability of camber while staying super playful. The reverse camber outside the binders and Flat Kick nose and tail are good for presses, buttering around, and all types of rail riding. All this and it’ll still hold an edge up the pipe wall and abuse crud.




GNU Street Series

A stable, mid-wide ride with a jib-focused flex. Like its Mervin brethren, this board is built with a reverse cambered Banana profile for a loose, playful feel and curvy Magnetraction edges in the center to bolster edge hold. The tough sidewalls and edge-less tips stand up to hits, too. Handbuilt in the USA with graphics from Portland based artist AJ Fosik. (ajfosik.com)




Lib Tech Box Scratcher

True to the Lib line, you get the Banana special. Reverse camber in between the feet with flat camber outside, plus the serrated Magne-Traction edge for extra grip on hardpack. It’s got blunted tips to keep you from catching on your Cab 270 and it’s pretty soft flexing and playful, but all these Lib boards are known to hold up to abuse pretty well over the course of the seasons. It may be a park board, but it’ll ride the whole mountain.




Niche Knew

This small batch, Salt Lake based brand is known for its eco builds, and the Knew is no exception. Hemp stringers in place of carbon fiber for pop, stability, and vibration dampening. SnappySap bio resin (instead of petroleum), recycled ABS sidewalls, steel edges, and beeswax modified base. It’s a twin tip, flat camber shape just so you know.




Salomon Villain

It’s got a blend of camber underfoot, flat between the bindings, with a little rocker in the tip and tail. It doesn’t loop out, and is super stable for such a jib specific board—it can handle bigger jumps and whatever else you get into. Street rails to the U-Tube, you’re covered. It has Salomon’s unique kinked sidecut that gives you a good balance of straight tracking at high speeds while staying loose and playful when you drop it into low gear.



Slash ATV Hub

This is your directional twin, camber classic—the standard for jumping and pipe riding. Its unique nose and tail shape are cool to look at and fun to grab, sure. But it’s got a new lightweight core that stays super durable, and this mid-flexing deck will stand up through slop and hardpack alike. It has a new core profile, where the milled out zones are reinforced with carbon and Kevlar blends, adding to the board’s snap and feel.



Stepchild FTW

This twin, reverse camber deck is a pure freestyle machine, whether it’s in the park or on the way to it. It’s got a bamboo core that’s super light and powerful, and maintains its flex throughout its life—that’s sustainable power. The base of the board has tiny dimples on it, similar to a golf ball’s friction reducing design, that’ll keep you going when the conditions slow down. It’s a team favorite, our testers thought so, too.



Stepchild Latchkey Camber

A board for those who call the terrain park home. Twin tipped with a full Poplar wood core that’s milled to offer the best of flex, pop, and feel while saving weight. Added fiberglass plates line the binding inserts to prevent insert blowouts. While it’s the camber creation that won our testers over, if you’re into a looser, more forgiving ride the Latchkey is also available in reverse camber.