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全山女生板 (All Mountain )




Capita Birds of a Feather

Featherweight and constructed for all-mountain flight. With regular camber throughout most of the board, the feel and control is predictable. As the profile transitions to flat and then reverse camber toward the tips it generates float in pow and freestyle forgiveness. With tip-to-tail carbon and Kevlar strips and added fiberglass between the feet it has that extra spring for loft and support to put ‘er down nicely.




GNU Velvet Guru

Sophisticated and smooth. The Velvet Guru blends a bit of camber bite towards the tips for precise control and pop, with the relaxed attributes of rocker—forgiveness, float—between the feet. The twin shape means it’s easy to ride both ways. And it’s hand built by in the USA with environmentally conscious materials.





Year after year it seems our female testers are hooked on this thing like a bad habit. The new XC2 blend of camber and rocker has a shorter Banana’d section between the feet, putting more camber underfoot for more precise pop and stability without losing the playful banana feel. The swoopy Magne-Traction edges and internal birch stringers beef-up edge control from corduroy to ice and its packaged in a twin shape for all things freestyle.




Rossignol Diva

This top-end model in the Rossi line has high-class construction for hard charging ladies. The board is laced with a soft symmetrical flex for an easy overall feel, but the added basalt and Kevlar fibers offer loads of untapped pop and drive when needed. With camber in 60 percent of the board, it creates a predictable ride. The other 40 percent is rockered, adding float and forgiveness. Combined, they offer the perfect blend for riders looking to take any mountain stage




Roxy T-Bird

A new deck design from one of snowboarding’s most influential female athletes, Torah Bright. Developed with out-of-the-halfpipe progression in mind, the medium flexing true-twin shape is as easy to ride as it is to excel on, due to the subtle reverse camber profile. The two-way weave of fiberglass is forgiving and snappy and enhanced by the bio-resin topsheet that has the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market.





Tapping into a bit of the men’s Pickle Technology, the new XOXO features a twin asymmetrical shape. That means the frame and flex are designed around how a female rider moves and employs a deeper heelside sidecut for better balance and ergonomics overall. The rockered-to-flat camber profile makes the board easy to push through pow and press in the park. With a responsive fiberglass layup it’s no slippery pickle either.


特技女生板 (Park )





Arbor Cadence

With an easy flex and true twin shape, Arbor’s System Rocker provides a relaxed, mellow ride, but the Grip Tech sidecut underfoot allows you to initiate turns and hold an edge on those icy mornings. Presses come easy and it’s a natural jibber. Plus, there are 60 percent recycled steel edges and a 30 percent bio-film topsheet coating. You get a smooth ride without a lot of the nasty shit that snowboards usually get made with. Good deal!




Burton Social Restricted

As part of the Burton Snowboards Restricted line, you’ll only see this one at your local board shop. Check it out there in person. There, you’ll notice a new kind of core profiling Burton calls Filet-O-Flex, where the board’s thinned out below the surface of The Channel, and leveled out with rubber padding. This creates a smooth, consistent flex the entire length of the board, and gives you a nice continuous arc as you make turns.




Capita Space Metal Fantasy

Zero camber between the inside inserts, into reverse camber outside the feet and Flat Kick in the nose and tail. Those elevated contact points really help out with jibbing, sliding things around, and just avoiding the old scorpion in general. And with this board’s soft flex, you’ll keep those presses up, so whether you’re trying to step up your game in your first couple years or dialing in an ender for your part, it’s all reality with this board.



Never Summer Onyx

A first timer in the line Never Summer, the Onyx has a true twin shape and a low profile, blunted nose and tail. This shape reduces swing weight and also increases the effective edge for stability and solid landings, but the soft flex provides an all around easy ride. And with Never Summer’s camber blend, you have reverse camber in between the bindings for maneuverability and float in powder with the stability of normal camber outside your feet.



Salomon Gypsy

This board is built for the park, no matter how big or small you go. Salomon’s Equalizer Sidecut blends together different radial cuts for smooth transitions linking jumps or pipe walls. The Rock Out Camber is flat between your feet with contact points that elevate under pressure near the nose and tail, giving you a ride that’s both jibby and stable at once. With rubber inserts in the sidewall at key impact points, you get a smooth ride through everything.



Smokin Vixen

All the best of Smokin’s tech from the men’s line jammed into a ladies package. Magne-Traction for increased edge hold, twin-tip shape, and a forgiving but lively flex pattern. With their Clash Rocker, you get subtle reverse camber in between the bindings and camber outside to the contact points, for a ride that’s nice and loose jibbing yet stable at high speeds. And backed by Smokin’s three-year warranty, you can ride hard and rest easy.